Customer Feedback

"Kim from P1Designs has been one of the easiest, friendliest, informative people I have ever bought something from...... These are amazing quality and are exactly what I wanted the interior of my car to look like from the factory.  "

Matt S. - Edgewater, NJ

"I just installed the seats.....I'm beyond happy!! It was what I was after, the wool is so nice, fits just like the other cushions did."

Andre F. - Switzerland


"I have had my seat inserts from P1Designs for more than a year.  Great people to deal with and honest. The price is best for the quality and service, They are great for track use. I am in Texas and it gets hot and with these insets you notice a big difference because the inserts breathe better. "

Chris S. - Dallas, TX

Comfort Foam Option

 "I had Kim custom make me the Pepita inserts with the additional memory foam to keep my wife happy on longer trips. Just did a drive from Central California to Los Angeles, about 4 hours and the improvement was significant! My right leg used to get numb after 2 hours of driving with the LWBS, but I was pretty comfy and didn't have the usual numbness. The memory foam also did a better job of contouring to my lumbar area for the backrest. "
Chris Y -  Seattle, WA

"The seats you guys gave me are awesome!!  Exceeded my expectations in both quality and images. Thanks for creating such a nice product."

Takuroh K. - Japan 

"BTW, Kim and her husband are an absolute pleasure to deal with! Very responsive to all my requests and always thinking about ways to improve based on my feedback. Not to mention the quality of their product is top notch! I'd say they are on par if not better than the factory inserts."

Chris Y. - Seattle, WA

Customer Feedback

Integrated Lumbar Support

I challenged the P1Designs team to not only build me seat inserts for my Porsche GT3RS, but to do so with an integrated inflatable lumbar support.  Kim was fabulous to work with as we collaborated on how to execute on the lumbar support.

The result was sensational!  Not only do I have beautifully crafted seat inserts that fit perfectly, but P1Designs stealthily addressed what is arguably the biggest ergonomic shortcoming of Porsche's LWB seats - they can cause lower back pain.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend P1Designs.

Roger A.  - Alamo, California