Porsche Carbon Fiber Seat Comfort Options

Memory Foam Installed in Seatback

Carbon fiber LWBs causing back discomfort?

P1Designs Memory Foam makes a significant improvement for our customers.

“Just did a drive from Central California to Los Angeles, about 4 hours and the improvement was significant! My right leg used to get numb after 2 hours of driving with the LWBS, but I was pretty comfy and didn’t have the usual numbness. The memory foam also did a better job of contouring to my lumbar area for the backrest.” – Chris Y.

“I did the upgraded material and added the memory foam option which I would absolutely do (both) again. Remarkably- the foam is substantially more comfortable without being sloppy/cushy if that makes sense….and makes exiting the seat just a little easier.” – Dennis L.

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