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Seat Inserts (Complete with Covers and Replacement Foam)

Porsche® 991/992 LWB and 997 Folding Carbon Fiber Seat Types

Our standard option includes a Houndstooth pattern material known for its durability and breathability. This pattern is differentiated from the "Pepita" in pattern and material. Our Houndstooth fabric is 100% polyester, and the Pepita is 90% wool / 10% nylon. You can view the pattern differences in the "Fabrics" section.
$ 1,195

Porsche® Carrera GT Seat Type

Includes our standard Houndstooth pattern material.
$ 1,495

Porsche® 996 Carbon Fiber Seat Type

Includes our standard Houndstooth pattern material.
$ 995

Recaro® Pole Position Seat Type

Includes our standard Houndstooth pattern material.
$ 895

Fabric Upgrade Options

Upgrade from the Houndstooth fabric to a variety of interesting fabric colors and patterns

Tartan Fabric Upgrade

A large variety of Tartan fabrics are available to complement a wide variety of car color combinations, including exterior color, seat belts, brake calipers, and seat stitching. Material is wool, or a wool blend (depending on pattern).

Sport-Tex Fabric Upgrade

The Sport-Tex material is a modern, very durable, and breathable material. We continue to add color and pattern combinations, as shown in the Fabric Selections section of the website.
+$150 - $300

Pascha Fabric Upgrade

The Iconic Pascha fabric with its retro pattern is a classic and makes a statement. Available in black & white, blue & black, dark red & off-white. The material is a plush, short pile velour.

Alcantara® Material Upgrade

Alcantara® has become very scarce in the retail market due to the demands of automotive manufacturers. However, we can source all Alcantara® colors due to our relationship with the only U.S. distributor. The material is a suede-like fabric, and is the same material used by Porsche®.

Pepita Fabric Upgrade

Pepita fabric sourced from Europe in 5 color combinations: black/white, black/white/red, black/white/blue, black/white/green, black/white/tan. The fabric is made of 90% wool, 10% polyester.

Custom Fabrics

Tell us what you are looking for, and we'll find a source and provide a swatch for your approval. We work with fabric suppliers from around the world and are constantly acquiring new and interesting fabrics.
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Lap Belt Compatible

If you are using a 5 or 6 point harness with your seats, this option will modify the bottom seat cushion to allow for the lap belt to pass through. Note, this option is not required or available for the 996 GT3 seat type.
$25 per seat

Memory Foam

We add a 1" memory foam to the top of the seat pan and seatback for enhanced comfort. Feedback from customers is that the difference is quite noticeable, especially on long drives. Note, this option is only available for the 991/992 LWB seats.
$250 per set of 2 seats

Integrated Lumbar Support

Add an integrated, inflatable lumbar support to your 991/992 LWB seatback, which includes an adjustable inflation device to adjust the support to meet your specific comfort level. Note, this option is only available for the 991/992 LWB seats.
$200 driver / $350 both

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery